Custom designs available now!

The whole process, made by hand, in our store.

Your Style, your vision

Do you have jewelry, gemstones, diamonds, gold or silver laying around that you don't wear anymore?  Maybe you'd like to start from scratch, or maybe, you inherited your grandmother's wedding set and you'd like to wear it but it just isn't quite your style. You've found the right place!

How does it work?

Work one-on-one

Work with the team at Sweet Custom Jewelry as we take your precious memories and create something completely new!  We'll design a piece just for you and hand craft it from start to finish right in our store in Old Town, Lansing!  

The beginnings

Sometimes, we use a Computer Aided Design program to design our jewelry and sometime we start a large piece of wax, we hand carve the shape and details of the piece until it looks just right.

Sprue and investing


Next, we sprue up the wax to prepare for casting.   The sprue is added to a rubber base to prepare for investing. ​  The investment used in jewelry casting is kind of like a plaster of paris that dries/sets up quickly and will eventually harden around the wax original in order to create a mold. Once the investment hardens we take the rubber  base off of the flask.

the oven

After the investment has hardened, the flask goes into our casting oven for 8 hours. The heat of the oven heats the wax and melts it out of the investment, leaving behind a perfectly detailed imprint.

the metal

 We, then, heat up which ever metal the client has requested, (Sterling Silver, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, yellow, white or rose gold) and pour it into the investment, allowing the metal to take the shape of the cavity, let it cool or quench it, break off the investment and it is ready to be set, polished and finished!  

How long does it take?

 When we custom make our pieces, we are starting from a blank slate. this process can take multiple days just for the model to complete depending on the complexity of the piece. All together, our process takes approximately 4-8 weeks.